Naoron is a new paper-like material developed with the traditional washi-suki papermanufacturing technique, by the Japanese paper maker ONAO based in the Ichikawadaimonarea. It is soft to the touch, light and flexible, yet very strong. The material is also superior inwater resistance and durability that does not tear easily. While maintaining the excellent lightness and distinctive texture of Japanese paper, ONAOdeveloped a new type of Japanese paper that expands the possibilities of paper. That is “Naoron”. With the flexibility of Japanese paper, it is highly durable and water-resistant that does not tear Naoron brings traditional delicate paper far closer to us, in our everyday life. The SIWA series isa line of products for everyday use that are made using this excellent material. In collaboration with well-known industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa from Yamanashi, ONAObased in the area with the 1000-year-history of Japanese paper making launched the SIWA brand.